Craven camping gates not to open until Wednesday

Craven Country Jamboree organizers are advising music lovers that like to get to their campgrounds early that doors to the site will not be opened until Wednesday.

People are being asked to head to Evraz Place in Regina until Wednesday morning

Organizers at the Craven site say they won't open the gates until Wednesday to let the ground dry up after heavy rains. (Courtesy Kim Blevin)

Craven Country Jamboree organizers are advising music lovers that like to start camping early that doors to the site will not be opened until Wednesday.

Gates were supposed to open Sunday, but heavy rains have made the ground too wet.

"You know, we can't force the issue," Kim Blevins, director of marketing for the event, told CBC News. "We have to make sure people are safe. We have to make sure that they can get onto the campground and they can get to their site safely," she continued.

Blevins said after posting the announcement on their website Saturday, about 50 vehicles were waiting at the site's access road.

"We just want to make sure that if people are coming from out of town that they're not going to try to sit on the site," she said. We'd rather have them in Regina at Evraz Place on the asphalt until Wednesday and we'll bring them back Wednesday morning."

Blevins said staff are still able to drive vehicles at the site.  

People coming in from out of town are being asked to head to Evraz Place, Lot C in Regina until Wednesday morning at 9am. They should also check the event's site for updates. 

Severe flooding in 2011 forced organizers to closedown the original site and move the campground about 10 kilometres away north of Highway 11.