Cranberry bush owner in tears after plant cut down

Elaine Carlson couldn't believe it when the cranberry bush she considered part of her family heritage was destroyed by a tree-timming crew.

White City, Sask., woman says she raised concerns about tree trimming 3 times

Elaine Carlson said she told workers tree times to be careful around her beloved cranberry bush, but they cut it down anyway. (CBC)

To Elaine Carlson, the cranberry bush in her backyard wasn't just a piece of shrubbery — it was a link to her heritage and part of a cherished family tradition.

So when a crew contracted by SaskPower cut the bush down to the ground following a storm earlier this month, the White City, Sask., woman cried.

The tree had been transplanted more than three decades ago, and for many years its fruit was used to make jams and jellies for friends and family.

A tree-trimming crew cut this cranberry bush down to ground earlier this month, much to the concern of a White City family. (CBC)

"It came from my family's homestead," Carlson told CBC News. "It was just important to me."

The crews came out to the Carlson's property following high winds in August that damaged numerous trees and threatened the power lines.

She says she noticed a tree-trimming crew was letting branches fall on the bush and she warned them to be careful.

Two additional requests to leave it alone were made, she said — both to the tree trimmers and SaskPower. Each time she explained the importance of the cranberry bush to her family.

It was therefore shocking, she said, when she and her husband found the two-metre-tall plant had been cut right down to the stem.

"We both thought it was a petty act," she said. 

Asked for a comment, Davey Tree Expert Company, said it will find a replacement tree and have offered to plant it for her.

"We apologized to Mrs. Carlson for the miscommunication around the incident and are working to remedy the situation," the company said in an emailed statement to CBC.