A farming family in southern Saskatchewan were shocked earlier this week when one of their cows gave birth to four calves. 

The Lamports, whose farm is in the Alida area, were originally expecting the cow to deliver twins, before they discovered there were triplets and then quadruplets.

Kayla Lamport

The family had only been expecting twin calves and were shocked when they thought they might be getting triplets. They were even more shocked when a fourth calf arrived. (Kayla Lamport)

It's now a part of Lamport family lore.

"We had to help her have the first three," said Kayla Lamport.

"We pulled the first calf and my dad realized there was still two more in there ... we were completely shocked that there was three."


There is a one in 11 million chance that quadruplet calves will survive, the Lamport family said, but their four calves are doing just fine. (Kayla Lamport)

About 30 minutes after the third calf was born, the family was stunned to realize a fourth calf was on the way. 

Lamport said that the odds of all four calves surviving are a one in 11 million chance. 

"All the calves are alive. They are doing really well. They are sucking on their own," said Lamport.

"They are with their original mother, and we purchased a nurse cow to help the other mother raise them, so the two cows will raise the four calves together."

Cows feeding

To help the calves feed, the Lamports brought in another milk cow. (Kayla Lamport)