The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority runs six casinos around the province, including the Living Sky Casino in Swift Current. (CBC)

The First Nations organization that runs six casinos in Saskatchewan didn't have the authority to remove its chair Kirk Goodtrack, a judge has ruled.

Queen's Bench Justice Gerald Allbright has ordered the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority to hire Goodtrack back.

Earlier this year, the SIGA board removed Goodtrack after six months on the job, alleging that he had conflicts of interest.

However, Allbright disagreed. He ruled that Goodtrack had been properly appointed by the FSIN assembly.

Goodtrack told CBC News he was ousted as chair because he tried to cut board costs.

The 13-member board of the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority billed the authority more than $600,000 in 2009.

"The issue was, and is, is whether or not that's acceptable." Goodtrack said. "I was looking at ways as to how to reduce that."

Goodtrack said cutting board costs remains a priority and he'll be at the next SIGA board meeting.

"I think at the end of the day, in part, this is a resistance to change," Goodtrack said. "And I think change is for the good."