The province's Court of Appeal has sentenced a Saskatoon woman whose neglect killed her daughter to prison, not jail.

Charissma Deedee McDonald’s daughter died of an untreated skin infection in 2006. McDonald pleaded guilty to criminal negligence causing death and was sentenced last year to two years less a day.

But earlier this month the Court of Appeal increased that sentence to three years – a penitentiary term.

"The facts of this case show that Ms. McDonald’s daughter was subject to a prolonged period of neglect," the Court of Appeal judges wrote.

"By all accounts the child suffered a lingering and basically horrendous death from a treatable skin condition. Ms. McDonald made a conscious decision not to seek medical treatment for her daughter in spite of the doctor’s recommendation and the urging of relatives."

The judges said that this conscious decision not to seek medical treatment is just as serious as situations where the death of a child is caused by intentional force.