Lana and Dwight Siman were honoured at the legislature for their timely response to a fiery collision in Regina. (Stefani Langenegger/CBC)

A Regina couple who swung into action to rescue an off-duty police officer from a burning vehicle was honoured at the provincial legislature Monday.

Dwight and Lana Siman were stopped at an intersection in Regina Jan. 30 when they heard a loud collision and saw a truck spinning from the impact.

"I jumped out and ran to the truck which had come to a stop," Dwight Siman recalled Monday. "Gas was coming out of the gas tank. [It] was pouring onto the ground, was ignited and was burning under the truck."

Siman said he pulled the man to safety and, moments later, the truck was engulfed in fire.

"I just grabbed him and pulled him from the vehicle and pulled him back about 30 feet," he said. "We set him inside another vehicle and turned around and looked and the whole vehicle became engulfed in flames."

Meanwhile, Lana Siman had called 911 to bring emergency crews to the scene.

On Monday, the Simans recounted their story at the legislature and received a special mention in the house by their MLA.