anita robinson

Anita Robinson, from the Regina Police Service, says counterfeit money has been popping in all parts of the city and across the province. (CBC)

Authorities in Saskatchewan are advising people to be cautious after a number of counterfeit bills, American and Canadian, have surfaced in different parts of the province.

According to police in Regina, fake bills are being passed at retail outlets and gas stations. In some cases, the bogus money was used to complete a purchase from an online classified ad service.

The people passing the money are using bills of various denominations, police say.

Anita Robinson, from the Regina Police Service, said people accepting cash should be mindful of some of the telltale signs of a counterfeit bill.

"Be diligent," Robinson advised. "Things just aren't as clear and aren't as crisp. The bills are either thicker or thinner. And if you have one to compare it to, it's really easy to tell if it's counterfeit."

Robinson said if people are not sure about American money, a good move would be to decline to accept U.S. money.

"What we're saying right now is maybe don't accept that American cash," she said. "Just get them to go to the bank and get some Canadian cash for them."

Police say all the reports of counterfeit Canadian bills have involved the older, non-polymer bills.