The town of Maple Creek, Sask. is warning people about a cougar spotted in the area.

When a crew of firefighters returned to town from a fire around 5 a.m. CST on Friday morning, they saw a cougar walking down the block from the fire station.

Keith Stork, Maple Creek fire chief, said the crew tried to chase the large cat, but they think it hid somewhere in a nearby yard.

"Once we realized what we were looking at we watched this cougar come across Main Street," Stork said. "It kind of ducked around in between a store and a house, into a yard that had lots of trees and shrubs."

Stork said they were unable to locate the cougar.

"We had three fire trucks out that night so we pulled the trucks all around by this house, just to see if the cougar was still in the yard," Stork said. "We lit it up with our floodlights and kind of looked around, but we were unable to spot it again."

maple creek, saskatchewan

The town is warning people to keep children and pets close by and to walk in groups. It is asking people who encounter a cougar to report it immediately.

Maple Creek is about 135 kilometres southwest of Swift Current.

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