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Amy Smart and Brent Butt star in the movie 'No Clue' which opens Friday. (Publicity Poster for 'No Clue')

Brent Butt, the pride of Tisdale, Sask., and star of the hit television series Corner Gas, is back in the spotlight with a new film that opens Friday.

The movie, No Clue, while a comedy, has a sharper edge than the gentle humour of Butt's TV show.

"No Clue is a comedic murder mystery," Butt told CBC Radio Host Sheila Coles in an interview for The Morning Edition. "It's a comedic movie, but I didn't want to do a zany wacky kind of bumbly comedy. I wanted to do a real, kind of dark gritty thriller."

Butt, 47, wrote the script for film which co-stars Amy Smart and David Koechner. Smart is known for her work in The Butterfly Effect and Road Trip. Koechner has worked on the Anchorman films and numerous other comedies.

Butrt said No Clue pays homage to detective-based movies that centre around characters and crime.

"I'm a big fan of the film noire genre and murder mysteries so I wanted to do something true to that genre," Butt said.

He also has a producer credit for the project, which was filmed in B.C. 

"It was always something I wanted to do, ever since I was a little kid," he said. "I knew I wanted to try and make a movie. So when the opportunity presented itself and I started writing, I just dived into it."

Work on the script, he said, was especially challenging.

"It was incredibly laborious writing this script," he said. "I usually write late at night so you know I'd be down in my basement office like three in the morning like kind of screaming at myself because I've just written nine pages and realized it doesn't work because of a small little story point. That's where the heavy lifting really is for me. In anything I do really, the writing is the heavy lifting. The performing is the fun part."