Corner Gas movie casts extras in Regina

A casting call was held at the Regina Lawn Bowling Club Saturday for Corner Gas: The Movie.

Dozens jumped at the chance to become one of Dog River's newest residents

A steady flow of people applied to become extras in Corner Gas: The Movie in Regina Saturday. (Roxanna Woloshyn/CBC)

Dog River is looking for some new residents as the cast and crew return for Corner Gas: The Movie.

An open casting call for background actors, or extras, was held at the Regina Lawn Bowling Club Saturday.

Those who showed up were invited to fill out an application form and get their photo taken for their chance to make an appearance in the feature-length film.

Steve Mossny has been an extra on four seasons of Corner Gas and hopes to appear in the movie. (Roxanna Woloshyn/CBC)

Steve Mossny was there. He lives in Rouleau, behind the house used as Oscar and Emma's home in the Corner Gas TV Series. He worked on the television show from season two to season six as a background performer, often playing a patron in the bar and a neighbour on the street.

"I saw they were making a movie of Corner Gas and I wanted to get back on and see the people I worked with before," said Mossny.

Wayne Slinn, the film's casting director for extras, says he is seeking roughly 300 background actors to fill various roles in the movie.

Wayne Slinn is the casting director for background extras in Corner Gas: The Movie. (Roxanna Woloshyn/CBC)

"We had one little girl who was two years old right up to people in their eighties. I would say the most people we have are in their fifties —regular Dog River folk," said Slinn.

The casting started off at 9 a.m. CT, but Slinn said when he arrived forty minutes early there was already a lineup outside the gates.

"Everyone wants to be in Corner Gas. We've had a lot of people be in our movies before, but there are a lot of new faces," said Slinn.

A few of those new faces are aspiring actors hoping to gain some experience.

10-year-old Jayda Cameron is a member of Do It With Class Young People's Theatre in Regina.

"It'll be nice to meet the people in it and see where it was shot and go in the gas station," said Cameron.

A recognizable face was also on hand for the auditions.

Josh Strait will be returning to his role as the cook in Corner Gas: The Movie. (Roxanna Woloshyn/CBC )

Josh Strait will be returning to his regular role for Corner Gas: The Movie as the cook at The Ruby. In the series, the cook's role was silent, but this time the audience will finally hear him speak.

Strait has read the script. When pressed for details, he said he cannot reveal much.

"Fans are going to be very surprised and it will be quite a treat for everybody. There will be a lot of things you didn't see in the TV series," he said.

Strait also plays a villain in the Saskatchewan-made film Wolfcop, which premiered Friday night.

He said the two new films show the desire within Saskatchewan's film community to revive the industry. The Saskatchewan Party government cut the film tax credit in 2012, which reduced the number of major films produced in the province.

"I am seeing the tenacity of the actors and the artists and the producers and directors that are still here in this province. They are not going to let it die. There is so much talent in this province, in every corner of it," said Strait.

Production of the Corner Gas movie begins June 23 in Rouleau.


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