Regina's Joel Bancescue helped make Dog River, Sask., come to life as a carpenter working on the sets ofTV comedy Corner Gas, and now the cast is lending him a hand.

Bancescue, 26,injured his spinal cord in a diving accident at Regina Beach in July. He's undergoingtreatment at the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre and is in a wheelchair.

Gabrielle Miller, who plays Lacey onthe show,says everyone wants to help Bancescue out.

"We all love him and care about him very much," said Miller. "He has just been a really big part of our production and our happiness on set, so we wanted to …give back some of our appreciation."

To show their support, and raise money, the folks from Dog River are doing what they do— putting on a show.

On Aug. 21, the cast isplanningto performa reading of an episode of the show and add in some comedy sketches.

The event is at Regina's Globe Theatre, which has donated the space, and local restaurants and nightclubs are pitching in with food and drinks.

All proceeds will go to Bancescue, who says all the support is strengthening his determination to walk again.