Corman Park R.M. council member Gord Gunoff says he believes the local authorities has administrative issues under control. (CBC)

A council member for the Rural Municipality of Corman Park says residents need not worry about the state of affairs of the local government.

"I'd rather get on worrying about things like your roads and trying to do things better for you than argue about this," Gord Gunoff said, talking about questions raised about the legal costs associated with a recent controversy over an employee. "We'll handle this. You might not like the outcome, you might hear a lot of rumours, but I can tell you this council has got control of it."

The employee, who complained of harassment, had been fired by the R.M.  However, that decision was challenged and the former administrator was ordered to be rehired.

It was not known how much the R.M. has spent on legal fees and other costs relating to the issue because accountants are still adding things up.

"We're going to deal with it," Gunoff told residents at a public meeting Wednesday. "But more than that we're going to deal with it fairly.  And I would appreciate you not sparring here."

On Thursday, during a closed-door council session, the R.M. examined the findings of an independent report on how it was operating, prepared by specialists from Meyers Norris Penny.

The report looked at the R.M.'s policies and procedures over the past five years.

After the meeting, which lasted about two-and-a-half hours, council said the R.M. would only release an executive summary of the report. The summary will be available on Friday, through the R.M.'s lawyer.

The Rural Municipality of Corman Park covers much of the area surrounding Saskatoon.