skpic corey matthews dec. 18

Corey Matthews heads into court Wednesday, when final arguments were presented on his case. (Dani Mario/CBC)

Corey Matthews, the former Regina teacher accused of sexually assaulting a student, will learn his fate in January.

Final arguments were presented to the judge overseeing his trial on Wednesday. The judge said she will take some time to consider the evidence and provide a decision on Jan. 21.

Matthews, 36, was a teacher at Scott Collegiate in Regina but has not been in a classroom for several years.

During his trial, court heard from the alleged victim — now 22 — about sexual encounters with Matthews. According to the student, Matthews forced him into sexual intercourse and other sexual acts.

Matthews testified that the alleged assaults never happened.

As part of his final arguments to the judge, the lawyer for Matthews noted there were no witnesses to the alleged assaults and no medical evidence to support the claims of the victim. The lawyer also told the judge that the credibility of the accuser was suspect.

As well, the lawyer said the accuser's accounts of what transpired were inconsistent.

The Crown prosecutor on the case said just because there were some inconsistencies in the accuser's recollection does not mean the man was lying.

The Crown also said the accuser's testimony was more believable than that of Matthews'.

With files from CBC's Dani Mario