The torrential rain of late June that hit many communities in Saskatchewan is putting a strain on contractors who are scrambling to keep up with a flood of work.

From roofing companies to carpet cleaners to drywallers, dozens of trades are in high demand to respond to damage.

Basement and foundation repair companies are among those with crews working long hours to meet the demand in Regina.

"We were having a busy summer as it was," Steven Perlinger, owner of Ground Up Foundations, told CBC News Thursday. He said the June rain led to a surge in calls for estimates, about two to three times more than usual.

Perlinger said he has heard from people with slight dampness on the walls in their basement to some who, when they peered behind a section of drywall, found "a waterfall" coming into their home.

steven perlinger

Steven Perlinger, owner of Ground Up Foundations, says a busy summer has become even more hectic following heavy rains. (CBC)

In some cases he said the heavy rain exposed previous damage to foundations that had gone overlooked.

"We don't hope for people's basements to get wrecked of course," he said. "But at the same time there's usually damage already there and the rain shows you that you have a problem."

Depending on the fix needed basements can take three to four days to repair. For now, Perlinger said he is concentrating his efforts on homes with very serious damage, while still trying to fit in emergency appointments.

Customers with relatively minor damage are being added to a growing wait list.

With files from CBC's Tiffany Cassidy