Construction of Regina's nearly $2 billion bypass is happening 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

The Regina bypass construction team said it wants to take advantage of the weather and will operate this new schedule indefinitely.

The work is happening at the new Tower Road interchange. The route will go west and south of the city and reconnect with Highway 1 on the east side at Tower Road.

Garrett Doyle, Regina bypass project manager, said working at night won't increase costs.

"What it does is it mitigates some of the potential schedule risks we may encounter in the coming years," Doyle said.

Garrett Doyle Regina bypass project

Garrett Doyle, Regina bypass project manager. (CBC)

If construction is slowed down by bad weather in the future, Doyle believes the work currently being down 24/7 will keep the project from falling behind schedule.

He added residents nearby were consulted about the 24/7 plan. 

"We have went through the process of consulting local residents here in regards to the night works," Doyle said. "Obviously the noise at night and day will be the same, so we don't foresee any issue. We will obviously monitor the situation."

People can expect the night work to continue over the next four to six weeks. 

It is the city's biggest-ever construction project.

The entire Regina bypass project is scheduled to be completed in 2019.