The clerk for the City of Regina, Joni Swidnicki, says the validation process for a recently submitted petition is proving to be a tricky.

A week ago a group called Water Watch Regina submitted over 22,000 signatures calling for a referendum on the city's plan for a new waste water treatment facility. The group has raised concerns about private sector involvement in the plant.

As clerk, Swidnicki is responsible for examining the petition to determine if it is valid.

On Friday it was learned that some of the names on the petition are being rejected. In order to be valid, the petition needs 19,310 valid names.

According to Swidnicki if the person signing failed to add a complete date — including day, month and year — beside their name, it would not be counted.

The clerk also told CBC News Friday that she is having trouble reaching people who did not provide a phone number with their signature.

The clerk has until July 22 to verify the petition.

Before the petition was submitted, Swidnicki asked the province to raise the threshold for a valid petition from 19,310 to over 20,742. Her request for the change was turned down.