Jaidan Lynn Slaferek died in a fall at the Conexus Arts Centre in 2012. (Facebook)

A coroner's inquest in Regina is looking into the death of Jaidan Lynn Slaferek, 17, who fell from a catwalk in a backstage area of the Conexus Arts Centre Jan. 15, 2012.

On Wednesday, the inquest heard from two people who were with Slaferek that night.

According to Mason Smythe, the group snuck past security at the arts centre — with some alcohol — and took part in an event that was being held there.

After a while, they made their way to a catwalk above the auditorium after going through two doors marked Do Not Enter.

Todd Horrocks, another man in the group, told the inquest it was difficult to remember all the details of what happened.

At some point, Slaferek slipped from the catwalk and died from the fall.

Outside the inquest, Slaferek's father said it was hard for the family to have to go through the testimony, but important for them to know what happened.

"My god, this is my youngest daughter we're talking about," Rick Slaferek said.

He added he hopes people will take away a strong message about the misuse of alcohol, especially involving minors.

"We need to learn that alcohol has its consequences in the wrong hands," he said. "It just needs to be brought up."

The jury for the inquest can make recommendations to prevent similar deaths in the future but may not assign any blame for the death.

With files from CBC's Tory Gillis