The community of Pelican Narrows is grieving the death of a 10-year-old girl who was killed in a house fire Tuesday night. 

Denaisa Sewap-Highway is being remembered as a lovable and brave girl. 

People close to the family said she died after going back into the burning home because she thought her

great-grandfather was still inside. 

The blaze completely destroyed the house where the 10-year-old and her great-grandparents were living. 

A liaison worker at Sewap-Highway's school told CBC News the young girl was always hugging people and giving out compliments.

She also said some of her former classmates are upset and having trouble sleeping because they're scared of a possible fire.

The students are rallying to help the family - they've already raised more than $1000. The community of Pelican Narrows and Deschambault Lake have also held pledge drives.

The family of Sewap-Highway is in Prince Albert Friday making funeral arrangements.