Ben Grotsky turned 90 years old Thursday, but he's not letting his age slow him down.

The dedicated athlete still goes out for a run six times a week.

On Saturday afternoon, the YMCA in Regina celebrated Grotsky's milestone birthday by holding a community run and fundraiser. 

Grotsky came up with the idea for the fundraiser himself, while on a run.

"It's an overwhelming experience," he told CBC news about the 100-plus people who turned out for the event. 

The walk/run, which began in front of the downtown YMCA location and went all the way around Wascana Lake, was also meant to honour Grotsky's perseverance and commitment to exercise.

"Look after yourself and keep fit," he said, when asked for advice about staying healthy. "That's all you have to do." 

All the money raised will go to the organization's child care programs.