It's not a record many Saskatchewan residents will celebrate breaking.

On Thursday morning, Regina hit –27.7 C and broke the record for coldest temperature occurring on Nov. 9.

That's quite the difference from Nov. 9, 2016, when the Queen City broke warm temperature records, hitting 21.7 C.

Other areas in Saskatchewan also went in the record books for cold temperatures on Thursday. 

  • La Ronge: –23.5 C versus –23.3 C in 1984.
  • Moose Jaw: –26 C versus –23.9 C in 1945.
  • Weyburn: –27 C versus –23.3 C in 1973.
  • Collins Bay: –28.4 C versus 27 C in 1979.
  • Watrous: –26.5 C versus -21.1 C in 1960.

The cold is expected to ease up after Thursday. Temperatures are expected to near the freezing mark Friday with another round of snow.

Above freezing temperatures are forecasted for next week in the province.