Trevor Dietz and Chris Stettner were sentenced to seven years in prison after pleading guilty in a Regina court to cocaine trafficking, being part of a criminal organization and conspiring to traffic in cocaine.

The men must also submit DNA samples, and forfeit cars, trucks, boats and other recreational vehicles.

They were given credit for one month because they've been on remand a little over three weeks. "So that means they were given an 83-month sentence in relation to all matters before the court, but primarily the ones I prosecuted," said Prosecutor Alan McIntyre.

Defence lawyer Bob Hrycan said both men are hoping to be able to be around for their families.

Dietz wants to get parole in time to see his child's third birthday, while Stettner just found out that he is going to be a father and wants to be there when his child is born, he said.

The two  were charged in association with an elaborate cocaine conspiracy.

Dietz and Stettner will serve their sentences at the federal prison in Prince Albert.

Six more people await trial on similar offenses.