The walls, hallways and lockers of the Clearwater River Dene School are covered in notes with messages such as "You Are Loved" and "Beautiful, Precious, Young People."

The school is on the Clearwater River Dene First Nation, located beside the village of La Loche, Sask., where a shooting at two locations, including a school, left four people dead on Friday. 

Notes Clearwater School 4

Notes at the Clearwater River Dene School help support its students as well as send a message of hope to their peers at the La Loche Community School.

Adam Wood, a teacher, and Marie Janvier, an educational assistant, were gunned down at La Loche Community School, where seven people were also wounded. Brothers Dayne and Drayden Fontaine, aged 17 and 13 respectively, were killed at a separate residence.

A 17-year-old male has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder and seven counts of attempted murder. 

"Being in a northern setting, nothing like this has ever happened," teacher Brien Morgan said. 

Clearwater River Dene School was also put on lockdown by the RCMP while the tragic events unfolded. Morgan said that as information started to get through their classrooms, it was hard for teachers and students.

In the days following, both communities were reeling from the tragedy. 

"You are not two places, you are definitely one community," Morgan said. 

Brian Morgan Clearwater School

Brien Morgan, high school carpentry and construction teacher at the Clearwater River Dene School, says it's important to show support after the tragedy. (Matthew Kruchak/CBC)

Clearwater River Dene School has about 250 students from kindergarten to Grade 12. Morgan said the students come from both the First Nation and the neighbouring village. 

Notes Clearwater School 2

Morgan says the Clearwater River Dene School and the La Loche Community School are part of one community. (Matthew Kruchak/CBC)

Over the weekend, teachers, students and community members gathered in Clearwater River Dene School to try to comprehend what had happened. Morgan said they cooked moose stew and held healing sessions. 

Notes Clearwater School 3

Clearwater River Dene School has around 250 students. (Matthew Kruchak/CBC)

The participants also wrote hundreds of notes to post throughout the school.

Notes Clearwater School 4

The Clearwater River Dene School has students from kindergarten to Grade 12. (Matthew Kruchak/CBC)

The notes are a way to support the Clearwater School students, staff and community, but also a message of hope for those at La Loche Community School.

Brian Morgan, teacher Clearwater school 3

Morgan says it was very worrying when their school, near La Loche, was locked down last Friday. (Matthew Kruchak/CBC)

"As a community, people are coming together. They really are and that's really important," Morgan said. 

 Morgan and his family moved to the community about 13 years ago.

"The Dene are a close people and they are a welcoming people," Morgan said. "There's a lot of positives here. These are good people, with struggles, but there are lots of efforts being made." 

Notes Clearwater School 6

The Clearwater River Dene School is located just outside of La Loche, Sask. (Matthew Kruchak/CBC)