A senior government official is now paying, from his own pocket, the expenses associated with the use of a car service by two cabinet ministers who spent some time in London, England.

Rick Mantey, from Saskatchewan's executive council, booked the services for June Draude and Ken Krawetz who were in London on separate trips.

According to the government, Draude and Krawetz were not aware of the cost of the car service and both would have preferred a more economical mode of transportation.  While the ministers offered to repay the cost of the service, the government said Monday that Mantey insisted he should cover the bill since he was the official who booked the service.

Mantey repaid the costs, which amounted to $7,016.77, on Monday.
Premier Brad Wall said Monday he believes Mantey made a couple of poor decisions.

"I think it was the wrong judgment," Wall said, adding that the matter was still being looked at. "We reserve the right to make decisions down the road."

According to the 2012-2013 Public Accounts, Mantey earned $222,785 that year.