The city says since torrential rains began on the weekend, it has received more than 500 calls about flooded basements and catch basins that aren't draining.

More than 100 millimetres have fallen on the city since Friday. Streets were inundated and basements filled with rainwater — or raw sewage, in some cases. 

Now that the rain has stopped and the sewer system is returning to normal, the city says it will get to work on those calls.

Pumps are still working on overdrive to clean up areas of Wascana Parkway and Hillsdale Avenue. 

Mayor Michael Fougere said the city will be applying for provincial disaster assistance when it meets Wednesday.

"That's an emergency meeting at council to get that process going," Fougere said. "Residents who do not have insurable losses should be prepared for that application to go forward."

Meanwhile, the city is asking residents to continue to limit their water consumption for another 24 hours. 

Since the call went out on the weekend, residents have dropped their water use by about 20 per cent.

Fougere said that's "really important to continue to lessen the impact on our system."