Not everyone can get along with all of their neighbours, but Regina's Kathy Mohr is being rewarded for standing out on her block. 

After a winter full of shoveling snow in frigid weather, Mohr is getting a bit of help for next winter.

The City of Regina is giving Mohr a free snowblower as this year's Snowbusters winner. The program rewards one lucky person, who is nominated for cleaning their own and their neighbours' walkways, with a snowblower. 

"Now that I have a snowblower, I will probably do the front streets for a couple of the other neighbours as well that they tend to build up on," Mohr said. "But I don't mind doing it."

Regina does not penalize people who don't shovel their walkways. Instead, it encourages people to help their neighbours.

"It was actually a nice surprise," she said. "I said, 'I'm not sure what I'd do if I won the lottery because I was sort of stunned. I just didn't believe that my name would be the one drawn out of all those people."