An infamous part of Prince Albert is gone for good.

After a lengthy battle, the city tore down the Minto Apartments, a building known as the "snake pit," on Wednesday. 

Many residents, including Hilda Peterson, say the pile of rubble is actually a better sight than what they're used to seeing around apartments.

"There was people coming and going all the time there," Peterson said. "We went to the bank around this corner and we'd see them. You know, it wasn't a good place."


Before it closed, the Minto building at 51 9th St. E. was the scene of hundreds of police calls annually, according to court documents. (Google Street View)

"They would be drinking alcohol and I'm assuming drugs," Doreen Kapacila, owner of Gene's Cycle and Sports, said. "They would get very unruly."

Police say they were called to the building up to 400 times per year. Prince Albert mayor Greg Dionne says that's why the city's been trying to take over the building since 2004.

"Property owners around it, they were concerned," Dionne said. "They couldn't rent their facilities because of the activities that were going on at the Minto."

But it wasn't until two years ago, when the landlord didn't pay taxes on the building, that the city was finally able to apply for a tax title and take ownership.

"We own the property," Dionne said. "Since 2012, we've owned the property. He even tried appealing our tax title and he lost that appeal. So it cleared our way to go ahead and demolish the building."

The land will now be put up for sale.