Grade 4 and 5 students in Regina are learning science in a new way - through song. 

Henry Janzen School is participating in the CREATE program. It brings in scientists and artists to share their expertise.

Don Waite, a retired PhD scientist, taught the children lessons on water and climate change Monday.

He wrote songs with them, conducted experiments, and sang about the water cycle with catchy rhymes. 

"Kids are really interested in anything to do with science, and kids tend to like music and they like to participate," said Waite. "The students learn what a scientist really does when approaching a problem, but then they also learn how to communicate that in a form that is a little more crowd friendly."

singing about science

Students Scott Miller (left) and Madison Chou (right) draw the water cycle. (Tiffany Cassidy)

The lesson was a hit with the kids.

"Today was actually really awesome compared to all the other science classes," said Cohen Howes, a Grade 4 student. "It makes it more fun. It's kind of interesting, easy to understand."

Tiffany Cassidy