Health officials in Saskatoon have a plan to eliminate child poverty in Saskatchewan, and it comes with a $178 million price tag.

It's the centrepiece of a major Saskatoon health region report, scheduled to be released Monday, that contains recommendations for dealing with the health effects of poverty.

The proposals are based on a review of successful work being done around the world, according to the report, which CBC News has obtained.

The 46 policy ideas cover five major themes: income, education, employment, housing and health care.

Designed to help close the gap between rich and poor, the proposals are a reaction to a troubling 2006 study of health disparity in Saskatoon.

The report noted that people in the city's poorest neighbourhoods are 13 times more likely to suffer from diabetes. They're also 16 times more likely to attempt suicide. Infant mortality in the poorer neighbourhoods is four times that of the more affluent areas.

The report notes the region will need help from the provincial government to implement the recommendations.