A child under 10 is OK after being left in a car for about one hour while a caregiver went to play VLT games in Prince Albert Sunday evening.

"[The vehicle] wasn't running, and the windows were left up," Sgt. Brandon Mudry, from the Prince Albert Police department, said Monday. "The temperature at the time was 24 degrees and the humidity was 62 per cent."

Police said a 35-year-old person, a caregiver to the child, was found inside a building and unlocked the vehicle. That was around 7:30 p.m. Sunday. That person is facing a charge of abandoning a child.

An agency that works with the province's Ministry of Social Services took the child into their care.

A manager of JT's Pub in Prince Albert said he called police after noticing the caregiver had left the child in the vehicle and was playing VLTs.

As it turned out, no ambulance was called and the child was OK. But experts from Parkland Ambulance noted it could have turned into a very dangerous situation.

"In the first ten minutes of a car sitting out in a parking lot on an average day of 25 degrees Celsius, the temperature is going to increase by an additional 19 to 20 degrees," Lyle Karasiuk, of Parkland Ambulance, explained. "So now you've got 45 degrees inside that car."

As time goes on, Karasiuk said, the internal vehicle temperature could reach 80 C which is approaching a roasting temperature for food.

Karasiuk said everyone should be remember that it is never a good idea to leave children or animals in a vehicle.

"Don't say I'm just going to run to the store for five minutes or ten minutes, because we all know a five minute errand turns into ten minutes or twenty minutes, and it doesn't take long for the cars to heat up," he said. "Infants and children don't tolerate heat well because of their body mass to bone ratio, they just simply can't control the heat very well and they can't dissipate it very well."

The person charged is set to appear in court next week.

With files from CBC's Ryan Pilon