The success of the Stanley Cup Championship team the Chicago Blackhawks can be traced to the club's roots in Regina, according to a local hockey fan familiar with the history.

Dallas Hicks says people are often surprised to learn the Blackhawks' connection to Regina.

The original team was the Regina Capitals, formed in 1921 to play in the Western Canada Hockey League.

According to Hicks, professional hockey teams and leagues were in flux as owners and leagues sorted out who would play in championship contests.

The Regina Capitals fared well in their first two seasons with talent like Dick Irvin, Sr., who went on to a storied career coaching for the Montreal Canadiens.

The Capitals also had the services of Eddie Shore in 1924. Shore went on to become a star with the Boston Bruins.

The Regina franchise, as Hicks tells the history, was eventually moved to Portland, Oregon, where it played in a different league as the Rosebuds.

That era came to an end when the owners decided to sell the Rosebuds to Fredric MacLaughlin for $100,000.


The Regina Capitals were a precursor to the team that would become the Chicago Blackhawks. (CBC )

MacLaughlin had an NHL franchise in Chicago and, with the Capitals/Rosebuds, had a team.

MacLaughlin named his new franchise for his old military infantry unit, the Black Hawks, and the team competed in 1926, beginning its own celebrated history as one of the core NHL teams.

While Hicks is an Oilers fan, he says it was nice to see the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup.

"I'm thrilled for them," he said. "Aside from the Regina connection as well."