Police in Saskatoon say they have no problem with drivers using the social media tool Twitter, to give away the locations of roadside check-points.

The question arose following reports that police in Calgary frowned on the practice, suggesting drivers should allow police to catch drunk drivers instead of warning them.

Saskatoon police, however, take a different view and even plan on alerting citizens — using Twitter — when check-points are planned.

Alyson Edwards, a spokeswoman for the Saskatoon police, said it will be OK if people who see a check-point share that information on Twitter.

"As a service, there is no point in ignoring the fact that people are going to spread the word amongst their friends," Edwards told CBC News Wednesday.'

She said one goal of their check-point program is get get people to think about the consequences of drinking and driving, before they head out.

She said people who are drinking may think twice about driving, if they know officers are out.

Saskatoon's view is not shared by police in Regina.

In Regina, police agree with their Calgary counterparts. Police are urging Twitter users to not reveal the locations of check-stops aimed at catching drunk drivers.

Police said they are concerned people may feel they can get away with drinking and driving because they would know how to avoid police.