It's orientation for thousands of University of Regina students today.

Lots of those first-year students will be arriving on buses, and they may be wondering — whatever happened to the universal bus pass?

Students approved the idea in a March referendum. Boosters said it could mean cheaper bus transportation for thousands.

Well, it turns out it's coming.

The city's executive committee, which is city council in committee form, is set to approve a plan tomorrow.

Students will pay between $70 and $90 a semester. They can opt out if they live close to the U of R, or out of town.

Considering there are four months in a semester, that would be a lot cheaper than buying the current post-secondary transit pass, which is $65 a month.

For the city, the catch is it will have to buy more buses to accommodate all that extra ridership.

It's looking a spending $2.75 million for five 40-foot buses.

Following orientation on Tuesday, first-year students begin classes on Wednesday.