The CEO of two Humboldt-area post-secondary colleges has been fired, the Saskatchewan government confirmed Thursday.

In news release, the government said the CEO, who wasn't named, has been put on administrative leave after concerns came to light regarding "governance and leadership" at Carlton Trail Regional College and St. Peter's College.

However, Advanced Education Minister Rob Norris later confirmed that the CEO has now been fired.

The latest developments stemmed from a consultant's report that looked at a possible merger between the two colleges.

That report, by the firm Meyers Norris Penny, concluded a merger would be a bad idea, with "oversight and accountability for public funds" one of several concerns.

While working on the report, the consultant uncovered other information about problems at the schools, which Norris said will lead to another report.

In the news release, the province didn't provide details of the problems found.

However, a senior finance official at Carlton Trail discussed financial irregularities in a memo to the college's board, the CBC has learned.

Norris said he was not aware of that.

"This is very, very troubling," Norris told CBC News Thursday. "This is the first I'm hearing of this. This is, we are going to get to the bottom of this and that process is beginning right now."

Expenditures questioned

The memo posed a number of questions about the finances of the colleges.

Andy Burgess, the chief financial officer for the colleges said his examination of the financial records generated some concerns.

Burgess noted that the CEO of the college purchased a $1,000 membership in the Saskatchewan Party and was reimbursed for that as part of his monthly expenses.

"'It's something that isn't totally right," Burgess told CBC News Thursday. "Just not right."

CBC News contacted the fired CEO Thursday. He declined to speak about the allegations.

The Saskatchewan Party said it has cancelled his membership in its Enterprise Club.