The provincial election that pitted Saskatchewan Party leader Brad Wall against New Democrat Dwain Lingenfelter was one of the most popular web stories of 2011. (CBC)

2011 was a year that will be remembered by many for for floods, an election, labour strife and perhaps a shaggyheaded rock band called the Sheepdogs.

The provincial election returned Brad Wall's Saskatchewan Party to power stronger than ever, with 49 seats to the NDP's nine.

Teachers walked off their jobs for a few days to underline their contract demands. Also walking the picket line were health care workers and crop insurance adjusters.

The trial of Kim Walker, the Yorkton man who killed his daughter's boyfriend in 2003,  ended with a guilty verdict and another 18 months behind bars.

The provincial economy boomed with the oil industry a hot spot. Potash companies raked in the cash but said they were ready to invest billions, too.


Flooding was one of the biggest stories of 2011. (Sheryl Rennie/CBC)

The Saskatchewan Roughriders fired a head coach and hired his replacement.

An unsigned Saskatoon band, the Sheepdogs, made history by appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

The biggest story of all may have been the devastating floods that hit the Estevan area following record rains. Online news junkies had their own favourites, however.

Here are the top 10 CBC Saskatchewan news stories, based on how many people were clicking on them in 2011:

1. Violent Saskatchewan mob attacks medics, police

2. Plane crashes in Saskatoon, kills 1  

3. Dad who killed daughter’s boyfriend to serve 18 months  

4. Saskatchewan Party wins in a landslide 

5. Woman killed after walking into propeller  

6. Regina refinery explosion injures workers

7. Starving dogs survived on owners' remains 

8. Actor Gordon Tootoosis dies 

9. Saskatchewan girl, 3, killed by dogs 

10. Marriage officials can’t refuse gays: Sask. court