Year in Review

Saskatchewan had its share of viral hits this year. We had a failed selfie in Peru, a puppy rescue near North Battleford and you went crazy for a caller to CBC that couldn't take the weather forecast.

Selfie stunt gone wrong 

Jared Frank, Regina skpic

Jared Frank of Regina was taking a selfie in front of a train in Peru when he was kicked. The video clip became an immediate hit on the internet. (Jared Frank/YouTube)

Jared Frank wanted to take a video of himself near a train in Peru. The conductor had other ideas and booted Frank in the head. The video made Frank a YouTube sensation.

Puppies rescued near Glaslyn

Puppies found in field near Glaslyn

The 20 puppies Greg Zubiak found in a field near Glaslyn. (Greg Zubiak)

A hunter found and rescued a litter of puppies in a field. The humane society was inundated with support from all over North America. The puppies were all eventually adopted.

'Got Land'

got land shirt

This sweatshirt logo worn by two 13 year olds to school has set off a controversy that garnered nationwide attention. (Sherri Starr)

A teenager's sweater had a statement on it that said 'Got Land? Thank an Indian'. Those five words caused a big debate in the community and on our website.

Farm kids on the job

Emma Covlin

Emma Covlin, 10, weighing and pricing chicken parts in her family's butcher shop on their farm near Endeavour, Sask. (Bonnie Allen/CBC)

Kids working on the family farm were investigated by the province. The story became a hot-button topic of discussion around the province. The minister of labour said the sisters working on their parent's chicken plant was 'common sense'. 

Teacher letters

Bruce Farrer   skpic

Bruce Farrer said he expects to be sending out letters from his former students for years to come. (CBC)

A pretty remarkable Saskatchewan teacher made one assignment students would never forget and this story made headlines across Canada. 

Winter rage

Storm 20080419

Saskatchewan can be tough in winter. This picture is from a late season winter storm that hit Saskatoon in April a few years back. (David Stobbe/Canadian Press)

Our most clicked on and shared story of the year belongs to an anonymous caller that couldn't handle our Sheila Coles' optimistic weather forecast.

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