CBC's 'Drainman' fights clogged catch basins

The CBC's very own 'Drainman' grabbed a spade Wednesday morning and took requests from the public to clear their ice-clogged catch basins.

Morning Edition's Eric Anderson heads out into -15C Regina armed with spade and good will

Oh Drainman, is there anything you can't do?

The CBC Morning Edition's Eric Anderson got a few responses like that Wednesday morning after he grabbed a spade and took requests from the public to clear their ice-clogged catch basins.

With street drains clogged all over the city following a big melt on the weekend, the emails were soon streaming in, but Anderson (AKA Drainman) was game to do his bit.

"It takes an army," Anderson said. "I'm just one man, but I'm glad to do my part."

After a few hours on the job, Anderson was beat, but not beaten.

"It's been a hard morning," he said at the scene of a drain he had just cleared. "We've had some success."

Public response was overwhelmingly positive, with one neighbourhood resident making Anderson some hot chocolate.

"I got a lot of honking and waving," Anderson said.


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