Cats brutally beaten, dumped near Prince Albert, Sask.

The Prince Albert SPCA is investigating after nearly two dozen cats were dumped on a property just outside the city, 10 of which were dead.
One of the cats dumped on a rural property just south of Prince Albert. The picture was taken several day after the animal was found. (SPCA )

The Prince Albert SPCA is investigating after nearly two dozen cats were dumped on a property just outside the city, 10 of which were dead.

Diane Campbell, who lives on an acreage just south of Prince Albert, knew something strange was going on when she discovered an unresponsive cat on her driveway in the early morning of July 25.

On that day 18 cats were left on her property, 10 of which had been killed.

"They had their heads stomped in," said Campbell. "One had a broken back, one had a damaged eye and I don't know whether any of them had been poisoned at that time, I don't know ... but they had all been drowned as well."

Diane Campbell with the first of 18 cats she found dumped on her property. When she initially saw the cat on her driveway she thought it was dead. Another five cats were also left on her property. (SPCA)

Campbell said she assumed they had been drowned because all the cats were soaking wet when she found them.

"Who could do this and can we capture this person?" was Campbell's first thought.

"You know, there are agencies around if you are having a cat problem or you're having an issue with a neighbour," she added. "Deal with an agency, don't take matters into your own hands."

Campbell said a couple of days later five more cats were dumped on her property. She reported the incident to the RCMP.  She said officers told her that they couldn't do much unless they knew of a person who was doing this to the animals, and this time there is no suspect.

The RCMP said they've documented the complaint and have referred it to the SPCA for further investigation.

Campbell also reported the incident to the SPCA. Leanne Roberts, from the group, and a colleague went to the acreage to look into what happened.

"They were all in various stages of rigor mortis," Roberts recalled. "It was disgusting, heart breaking. I mean there's really no other way to describe it. These cats obviously belonged to someone at some point. Eighteen cats don't just show up on a property like that."

Roberts said she has never seen anything of this scale before. One of the eight cats that were still alive died a short time later because of its injuries, she said.

The SPCA is hoping the pictures they took of the cats, even though graphic, will be noticed by someone who may recognize where the cats are from or to whom they belong.

"I don't know what kind of person it takes to do that," added Roberts. "To be able to do such active cruelty on a living creature with obviously no remorse or empathy, it makes you wonder what else goes on in their lives. If they can do this, where does it stop?"