Recent postings to Facebook suggest a Saskatchewan man who escaped custody a week ago is at large and poking fun at authorities, saying ''Catch me if you can lol."

According to RCMP, Soloman Toutsaint, 21, was in custody and — while making a court appearance in Black Lake — got away. 

It happened on Jan. 21. RCMP said officers were at court with three other prisoners when Toutsaint took off.

toutsaint screengrab facebook

Postings to the Facebook account of Solomon Toutsaint suggest he is at large. (Facebook)

They noted he is not a violent offender and was before the court on two charges of breaking and entering.

RCMP issued a news release four days after the man escaped, saying they did a number of searches in and around the Stony Rapids and Black Lake areas and couldn't find the man.

In the Monday news release, RCMP said they were asking the public for assistance. The postings to the Toutsaint account appeared on Sunday and Monday.

His account, which was still accessible Tuesday, showed some of his Facebook friends encouraging him to stay hidden and many others pleading with him to turn himself in.

CBC News spoke to Cpl. Jacqueline Spence, from the Stony Rapids detachment of the RCMP, about the man's online activity.

"It doesn't really help us," Spence said.

With files from CBC's Lauren Golosky