Members of the Carlton Trail Regional College board have resigned, the Saskatchewan government says.

Advanced Education Minister Rob Norris provided few details, and didn't name who had resigned, but said Tuesday he has accepted the resignations.

Norris also appointed Graham Pearson, a managing partner with the accounting firm Deloitte, as the administrator to replace the board and take over day-to-day operations, effective immediately.

"This marks a new chapter in the evolution of Carlton Trail Regional College, an institution with a bright and promising future," Norris said in a news release.

The changes come following the release of a consultant's report last week into a possible merger of Carlton Trail and St. Peter's, another Humboldt-area college.

The report said there were serious governance and financial problems at the colleges. That led Norris to fire the CEO of the colleges, Glen Kobussen.

Norris said Monday that Carlton Trail and St. Peter's colleges must agree to another audit if they want any money in Wednesday's provincial budget.

He also said then that his confidence in the government-appointed board at Carlton Trail was waning and he was considering all of his options, including firing the board.