Cards from the Heart

Joe Fafard and Wilf Perreault painting unique cards for the Cards from the HeArt fundraiser at CBC Saskatchewan. (Jordan Jackle/CBC)

Artists from across the province are using their talents Friday to put together original Christmas cards to raise money for Saskatchewan food banks. 

It's part of the annual Cards from the HeArt fundraiser taking place at the CBC in Regina and Saskatoon. 

The campaign has helped provide numerous food hampers for those less fortunate, raising a total of $7,210 last year. 

Internationally acclaimed artists Joe Fafard and Wilf Perreault are some of the artists participating in the event. 

Fafard is painting a few portraits of his Bernese Mountain Dog.

"She was there when I got up this morning and is the last creature I saw so that's why she's showing up here today."

Fafard came the event the CBC to raise money for the food bank, but also for the companionship.

"Here's my friend Wilf Perreault sitting next to me and we can chat along and dabble in water colours which is not my usual medium."

Perreault is painting a back alley with a magenta sky. 

"We've been doing this for several years now and it feels really good for me," said Perreault. "It's like the start of Christmas for me. People enjoy what I do and it's easy for me to give back to the community in this way."

Fafard says he also appreciates being able to help those less fortunate. 

"Just the satisfaction of thinking that somehow you help people that are a little bit deprived of all the benefits and wealth of our society," he said. "It's kind of a shame that we even need a food bank, but since we do we may as well try and help them out."

Once the cards are finished they are auctioned off during CBC's morning and afternoon radio shows. 

People who want to bid on the cards and watch the artists put together their creations can click on this link for a live stream and auction page.