Resourceful car thieves are taking extraordinary measures to get at vehicles found in auto dealer show rooms in Saskatchewan: they are removing panes of glass to get inside, find some car keys and take off with a set of wheels.

Police say a total of five such crimes have taken place in two rural communities and, most recently, in Saskatoon.

According to police, the Saskatoon theft took place at a Hyundai dealership sometime after closing on Tuesday.

On Wednesday morning, police said, employees arriving for work discovered three vehicles, a Hyundai Sonata and two Hyundai Accents, were gone.

"They removed the glass very neatly from the door, didn't break it or anything," Bruce Cassels, a spokesman for the dealership, told CBC News. "They got in, found some keys and went out and got the vehicles."

Cassels said the building alarm system was working but the thieves somehow managed to evade the motion detectors.

Another Saskatoon dealer experienced a similar theft on Oct. 15, police noted.

Police said the cases were also similar to thefts from car dealers in Wilkie, Sask., on Oct. 7 and Oct. 12 and Rosetown, Sask., on Oct. 16.

Police were reminding dealers to check their alarm systems and ensure car keys are kept in a secure location.