No one was hurt, but there were some tense moments at a northeast Regina card-lock fuel station Tuesday afternoon when a car caught fire.

It was not immediately known how the vehicle burst into flames, however reports from the scene indicate it was not the result of a crash.

The two women inside the vehicle were not injured.

Fire crews were dispatched just before 6 p.m. CST to the Co-op facility and had the situation under control within about 30 minutes.

According to the women in the car, a driver behind them noticed flames coming from underneath the vehicle and yelled for the women to get out.

They quickly jumped out and then pushed the car away from the vicinity of two fuel tanker trucks that were parked at the station.

"We pushed it over," Pauline Pelletier, one of the women in the car, told CBC News. "And then one of the guys [at the scene] used a fire extinguisher and it was already too big to put out."

Flames soon engulfed the vehicle but firefighters arrived and were able to douse the fire.

Both women were OK.

"It was scary though," Pelletier said.