Saskatoon police spokeswoman Alyson Edwards said two suspects have been identified in connection with a string of car thefts in the city. ((CBC))

Two young men have been linked to an extraordinary string of unsolved thefts from cars in Saskatoon, police reported Monday.

"At this point we believe that these two young men may be responsible for up to 500 thefts from motor vehicles," Alyson Edwards, a spokeswoman for the Saskatoon police, told CBC News on Monday.

According to Edwards, officers had stopped the two men on Friday night for an alleged traffic violation.

Their investigation led them to the trunk of the car, and an assortment of goods that seemed suspicious: "IPods, small electronic equipment, GPS, some money, cigarettes — that kind of thing, the type of things you'd find just sitting loose in a vehicle," Edwards said.

Police later searched a residence and uncovered still more evidence connecting the men to car thefts.

Edwards said police believe the car break-ins occurred in three areas of Saskatoon: Lakeview, Briarwood and Eastview.

"We were noticing that we had some thefts that were increasing, beginning in spring," Edwards said. "They seemed to be happening pretty consistently since then. So we knew we were looking for people who were targeting motor vehicles in a few eastside neighbourhoods."

Edwards said that no charges have been laid, but said the investigation is continuing.

"What we need to do is track down some more of those stolen items that we believe is out, and try to link that to these two males and then lay the charges," she said. "It's an ongoing investigation."

Officers stopped the men for allegedly doing stunts in a Saskatoon shopping centre parking lot on Friday night. The car was speeding and laying down doughnuts.