The cold, blustery beginning of spring is a scary time for ranchers worried about losing newborn calves.

Brock Gillanders, who ranches near Kyle, Sask., on the west side of the province, has been busy with calving, but winter weather has made that a challenge, and some of his calves have died.

"If a cow calves out in the middle of the night when it's minus 25 and you're not there, the chances of that calf surviving are slim to none," he said.

Another problem is that Highway 4 near his ranch has been closed, meaning if they need a veterinarian they're out of luck. Gillanders and his two relatives have been sleeping in shifts to try and monitor their calves.  

"We've lost more than we've liked to at this time," he said. "I'm going to be very happy if we don't have a colossal wreck."  

On Thursday, the Highway Hotline said travel was not recommended on Highway 4 near Kyle, due to ice, snow, wind and reduced visibility.