Lake ice pushes up against this cabin in the Battlefords Provincial Park. ((CBC))

Cabin owners on Jackfish Lake are surveying the damage from an unexpected movement of ice that slammed into a number of properties last Friday.

In one location, Delorme Beach, about 30 properties were inundated with large sheets of lake ice, blown in by strong winds.

"It's all just one solid piece that's come off," Sylvia Miller said, describing one especially large piece that crashed into her cabin, pushing the building off of its foundation.

The ice also uprooted trees, and destroyed much of her front deck.

"That's where the corner of the house was sitting before the ice came out and moved it," another cabin owner, Winston Leney, said.

Many property owners say their cabins are write-offs due to the ice damage.

Officials with the park say lake ice can be unpredictable, but one experienced staff member — with 32 years at the park — says this year's destruction is unusual.

"Usually by the time it hits the shore it's broken up a lot on the lake," Jackie Starling, a member of the staff with the Battlefords Provincial Park, explained. "For some reason this year the way the wind came it was almost in sheets as it came off."

"Insurance doesn't cover this," Miller noted. "It won't cover any damage done by ice and wind."

Rebuilding will also take time, as cabin owners must wait for the remaining ice to melt.

Jackfish Lake is about 190 kilometres northwest of Saskatoon. The Battlefords Provincial Park is on its eastern shore.