Cab driver attacked with machete

A vicious attack with a machete that left a cab driver with 100 stitches has rattled cab drivers in Prince Albert, Sask.

A vicious attack with a machete that left a cab driver with 100 stitches has rattled cab drivers in Prince Albert, Sask.

It started early Friday morning, when a Checker Cab driver picked up a teenage boy, cab company manager Russ McCloy said.

The boy was holding his arm like it was hurt and seemed to be having trouble putting his seatbelt on, McCloy said.

When the driver moved to help the boy, it's alleged the teen pulled out a machete and hit him in the face.

It's also alleged he hit the driver with the big knife a few more times, then moved to choke him.

After a struggle, the driver got the weapon away and ran away from his cab — with the youth running after him.

The incident ended when the driver flagged down a police car. The driver ended up with cuts to his face and arms that needed 100 stitches.

The driver said that during the attack, the assailant didn't ask for any money, McCloy said.

"It's clearly nothing but a direct attempt to injure, and/or go beyond with this driver," he said. "It was not a robbery."

The incident follows an attack three weeks ago, when a teenager attacked another cab driver, that time, it is alleged, with a knife and bear spray.

McCloy said he's having a hard time finding drivers willing to work late at night. He's worried there might be a connection between the two incidents.

"They're attacking drivers for... we're not sure what the reason is. It's even been suggested that it could be some kind of gang initiation," he said.

Two 14-year-old boys have been charged with aggravated assault.