Highway 22 between Southey and Earl Grey has been called one of Saskatchewan's worst roadways. (Google Street View)

A stretch of highway that's been called a "goat path" has been named Saskatchewan's Worst Road by the Canadian Automobile Association.

Highway 22 near Earl Grey, about 70 kilometres north of Regina, got the most votes in the annual contest that received a total of about 2,900 votes. Another stretch of Highway 22 near Southey, got the second-highest number of votes.

CAA Saskatchewan says it runs the contest to encourage the government to fix the roads most in need of improvement.

To qualify for a "worst" nomination, a road has to be in a state of general disrepair with potholes, cracks and crumbling sections.

Also bad is poor signage, congestion or roads that are too narrow for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists to share safely.

The state of Saskatchewan's highways has historically been a political football and this year has been no exception, with MLAs recently sparring over the issue in the legislature.

Opposition NDP MLA Buckley Belanger called Highway 22 a "goat path," while Highway Minister Jim Reiter, said the Saskatchewan Party government has done more for the province's roads than the New Democrats ever did.

Here are CAA Saskatchewan's Top 10 Worst Roads for 2012:

1. Highway 22 near Earl Grey

2. Highway 22 near Southey

3. Highway 51 near Major

4. Highway 58 near Lafleche

5. Highway 18 near Beaubier

6. Highway 58 near Gravelbourg

7. Highway 340 near Hafford

8. Highway 25 near Hagen

9. Gladstone Avenue South through Rokeby

10. Highway 51 near Kerrobert