CAA launches 'worst road' survey for 2014

CAA Saskatchewan has launched another survey looking for the 'worst road' in the province.

CAA Saskatchewan has launched another survey looking for the "worst road" in the province.

The 2014 survey will be the third time the Canadian Automobile Association has sought public feedback on the province's road network.

Previous surveys have attracted 2,900 and 2,800 votes.

Christine Niemczyk, communications director for CAA Saskatchewan, said anyone can nominate and vote for any road they feel presents some sort of hazard to driving.

"The criteria can be a pothole, it can be a rut, it can be dangerous to the driver," she said.

At the end of the voting period, the organization will announce the top ten worst roads.

"We've all talked about it during coffee chat and said 'Geez you should've turned down this road or this highway,' because it could be a road, could be a highway," Niemczyk added.

She said the hope is to influence government to ensure roads are safe. The survey ends April 25.

The 2013 "worst road" according to the survey was Highway 123 near Cumberland House.

Niemczyk noted other roads that have made the list, such as Highway 22 near Earl Grey and Regina's Ring Road have caught the notice of decision-makers and seen some repair work.