A byelection to pick the chief of the George Gordon First Nation will take place on September 13, 2017. 

The vote was ordered after a close race in the band's March 2016 election.

Court of Queen's Bench Justice L.M. Schwann found that ballots had been improperly handled. 17 voters were stopped from depositing their votes for chief into the ballot box.

14 votes for a council position were also unaccounted for, but it was ruled that improper voting didn't sway that particlular election, as the difference between the eighth and ninth place council candidates was 18 votes.

However, one band councillor position that has been vacant for almost a year will also be voted on in the September byelection.

Candidate nominations are slated to take place on August 9.

The George Gordon First Nation is located roughly 110 kilometres north of Regina.