Four bus drivers in Arcola, Sask., refused to run their routes Tuesday.

A group of bus drivers in Arcola, Sask., refused to make their routes Tuesday, in an effort to bring attention to concerns they have.   

The four drivers, who are not in a union, say they are worried about the safety of the buses.

One driver, Brenda Milligan, told CBC News the buses will often not start, they need new winter tires, and there are issues with brakes. 

"They phones in and said the brakes aren't working right, and that they just aren't sure it's safe," Milligan said. "And it was indicated to them to just drive the bus anyways."

Milligan said the drivers have tried to bring their concerns to the bus company, with no results.

"It just falls on deaf ears," she said.

A meeting between the drivers and parents was set for Tuesday afternoon to explain the issues.

The drivers promised to stay off the job for at least two days.

First Student Canada told CBC News their buses are new and in good working order.

The school division for Arcola said it has buses that it owns and service was being provided to other communities in the area. However, some of those buses were not running because of mechanical and weather-related issues.

With files from CBC's Dani Mario